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Top 10 Must See Art Murals in Dallas

What makes Dallas a great city is the beautiful murals that take inspiration from the nature of the city, its people and history. They are a symbol of what makes Dallas a great city of culture and history. I’ve taken the time to curate some of the most popular art murals in Dallas and put them in order of importance so you can make sure you see all 10 of these wonderful art masterpieces while you visit our beautiful city.

Dallas has always been a hub for the arts. If you walk around the city, you’re bound to find at least a few murals — but there’s more in this fine city than just street art. It seems like there’s a growing trend of murals popping up every year, so I thought it would be cool to take a look at all the best art murals in Dallas.

Dallas Power of Love

Power of Love- Downtown Dallas East End

Where to start with the art murals Dallas has to offer? I guess a good place would be with the big ones. After all, Dallas does have some amazing large-scale murals including “The Power of Love” which is one of the largest in Dallas! This mural was created during the difficult times of COVID, helping spread the message of Love towards humanity, uplifting the spirits of the 400,000-plus drivers and pedestrians who pass it by daily making their way into Dallas. This iconic piece is located in Downtown Dallas’ West End, creating the perfect focal point coming into the West End of Dallas.The mural lets you know that our city holds love in high regard and it’s something we should never lose sight of.

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Welcome to Dallas

Welcome to Dallas- 2914 Commerce St

The “Welcome to Dallas” art mural located right in Deep Ellum is a must when visiting Dallas. This large mural is a piece of local art that highlights the culture and history of Deep Ellum in one single piece. It also provides an artist’s view on how to appreciate and respect every corner of Dallas. There is no doubt that this mural doesn’t just tell the story of Dallas but it certainly offers a unique perspective while creating something beautiful that everyone can enjoy.

I Love You Art

I Love You- 2913 Elm St

If you’re looking for a unique love letter to the city, here is it. The “I Love You” mural is huge and very noticeable from a distance. You’d better believe that this mural has received plenty of photo-shoot attention for various things like engagements, making it the perfect spot to confess your love for someone. 

Deep Ellum

The Stack at Deep Ellum- 2700 Commerce St

This incredible 8,500sq ft building displays one of Deep Ellums monumental art murals at The Stack, which is commonly known to be the heart of Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood. This art mural was created by Tristan Easton who painted Dallas first black architect, Willam Sidney as the main focal point within the painting along with other significant historical references of Deep Ellum. The Stack building showcases this large art mural right in Deep Ellum that leads to many more within the area. 

Deep Ellum History

Deep Ellum History- 3025 Main St

The “Deep Ellum History” art mural located in the parking lot of Black Terrys is a cool art piece dedicated to the development of Deep Ellum with key features like Robert Johnson, The Traveling Man, Harlem St, and many more that highlights key historical moments that have shaped the culture of the Deep Ellum we are now familiar with today. 

Garden Boy Case Building

Garden Boy- 3131 Main St

Most art murals in Dallas are created on large blank open spaces, the “Garden Boy” art mural was created by two world renowned artists who painted this large mural right onto the 17-story case building. If you look closely you can see the Garden Boy that is actually split between the buildings. The message of this Garden Boy is about self-sufficiency and a call to get involved with nature. Using a tall crane and their skilled painting techniques, the artists were able to create this beautiful and accessible piece.

Starry Night

Starry Night- 3112 Main Street

While there are tons of art murals within Dallas dedicated to telling the story of historical areas related to the culture, arts, and more, there are beautiful art murals like the “Starry Night” right in Deep Ellum that caters to Van Gogh fans. This large art mural was created by Cathy Ann Smithey in 2019 that brings great vibrant touch to the area! If you are a Van Gogh fan and would love to see a recreated version of the Starry Night, be sure to visit this beautiful art mural located on 3112 Main Street in Deep Ellum. Makes the perfect picture-worthy stop for art lovers in Dallas! 

Rush Hour

Rush Hour- 2715 Elm St

Whether you live in Dallas or you’re visiting, your chances of experiencing the classic rush hour in one of the largest cities is very high. This beautiful 1,105sq ft art mural created by Dan Kitchener at the Green Room in Deep Ellum is a beautiful piece that captures a moment in everyday life. This piece was actually inspired by the artist’s own fascination with big cityscapes like Tokoyo, Hong Kong and many more. 


Flowers- Ross Ave. and Olive St

This beautiful and modern looking streetside black and white mural by Ben Reynolds is located in East Dallas along with other art murals within Deep Ellum. This particular art mural without a doubt is quite eye-catching when passing through this particular area in the city. With Deep Ellum being an historic entertainment and arts district famous for it`s graffiti and street art, you are expected to see various unique pieces of art similar to this one that has a variety of objects and interesting features to make one curious.

Deep Ellum Blues

Blues Alley- 2713 Canton St

Deep Ellum is greatly known for its great musical culture and arts within the city of Dallas and one of the coolest art murals that plays a great dedication to the musical blues in Deep Ellum is Blues Alley. This is a popular alleyway filled with great historical artists like Eryak Badu and many more who built their musical careers right in Deep Ellum and here at Blues Alley plays homage to a lot of great artists who have helped shape the musical culture and history. 

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