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Top 10 Things To Do in Dallas Updated (2022)

Dallas is certainly known for its cultural and historical sights, events and more. A beautiful city filled with endless things to do, making it impossible for you to be bored on your visit to Dallas or if you’re just a local looking for something new and spontaneous! Luckily we’ve made it our mission to keep you up to date with the top latest and greatest things to do in Dallas for 2022! It’s a new year and of course there are some new and fun things in Dallas. Dallas is the place where you can enjoy and discover interesting sights like the gigantic Dallas Arts District, AT&T Stadium, American Airlines Center, and so much more.

We’re here to help you make the most out of your time in Dallas, so let’s explore the top 10 things to do in Dallas:

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Dallas Skyline

Let’s Start With Dallas Top Historic Hotspots of Course:

  1. See Where It All Took Place at 

JFK Memorial       

JFK Memorial

JFK Memorial is one of Dallas most popular sights for locals and visitors to learn and discover all about the livelihood and assination of John F. Kennedy. The JFK Memorial is a special monument to John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s. The Dealey Plaza is a popular public park for individuals to explore and visit all there is to the historical events revolving around the significance of John F. Kennedy. From reflection and remembrance of JFK to conspiracy theories revolving around his assination, there’s no better way to learn and discover more about the life of JFK than visiting the JFK Memorial. For those interested in theories behind the John F. Kennedy assination, just one block away East you have the opportunity to see it all at the Sixth Floor Dealey Plaza.

Dallas also offers many interesting JFK tours to help people get the most out of the overall JFK experience! Be sure to checkout these awesome JFK Tours: 

  1. Discover The Focal Point of Downtown Dallas at Pioneer Park
Pioneer Park

While Dallas is the great home of the cowboys, it is no surprise that the Pioneer Park creates a memorable focal point right in Downtown Dallas with the 3 Cowboys and their cattle. A classic Dallas monument located right by the Dallas Convention Center, where it highlights the historical significance of trials that brought settlers to Dallas. To learn more about the Pioneer Park: 

  1. Take a Stroll Down The Monumental Wilson Block
Wilson's Block

Whether you’re just a resident of Dallas or just visiting some interesting sights within Dallas, The Wilson Block is one of a kind. Known as Dallas’ first residential developments built during 1899-1902, first official house being the Wilson House right at 2922 Swiss Ave. These unique houses allow you to see what houses would have looked like in Dallas in the late 1800’s. 

To learn more about this historical site: 

Now Let’s Roll Deep into Dallas’ Best Art You Can See and Experience: 

  1. Experience Urban Art Done Right at The Dallas Arts District
Dallas Arts District

If there is one thing you can learn right off the back during your time in Dallas is we do it big, especially when it comes to awesome Art experiences! The Arts District is Dallas’ performing and visual arts center, known for its impressive architecture like the Meyerson Symphony Center, Winspear Opera House, and Dallas Museum of Art. Beautiful architecture buildings that reflect the great arts and entertainment of Dallas, being the home of the #1 performing and visual arts high school, Booker. T Washington High School. Considering that Dallas has the country’s largest urban arts district, you are in for a treat to see all the amazing art museums, fantastic restaurants, performing art venues, speakeasies, and so much more the list continues! 

To learn more about events, showings and more: 

  1. Spot The Eye of Dallas If You Can
The Giant Eyeball

By now you could probably say Dallas is quite eye-catching, literally! In fact, one of Dallas most unique and interesting pieces of Art you can’t simply miss as you continue sightseeing in Dallas finest Art is the ‘Eye’ sculpture. This 30-ft tall eyeball, located right off of Main Street is something that’ll catch your eye in Dallas if nothing else does! What is very interesting about this Eye, is that it sits exactly where Dallas’ first 15 story skyscraper, The Praetorian Building once did back in 1901.  

  1. See & Experience Deep Ellum’s Good ole Musical Blues at Blue Alley
Dallas Deep Ellum Blue's Alley

If there is one thing Dallas does a fine job at is highlighting so many talented artists within the local area, artists who present some of Dallas most incredible Art murals one can see and experience! This particular public art depicts some of Dallas most well-known musicians whose musical careers grew right out of Deep Ellum! Musical artists such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Erykah Badu, and more incredible artists sure give us the good ole Deep Ellum Blues. 

  1.  Fall in Love With Dallas’ Beautiful Power of Love Art Mura
Dallas Power of Love

What can I say when you’re in a big state and a big city, you’re without a doubt going to see some big Art. So many incredible art murals within Dallas play such an essential role to the overall experience and heart of Dallas. This NEW beautiful 160ft by 50ft mural called “The Power of Love” has to be by far one of our favorite art murals in Dallas, that we believe you will instantly fall in love with! After a tough year in 2020, this particular art mural represents what love can bring to everybody within the community. 

In Case You Don’t Believe Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Now You Can See: 

  1. Take A Walk Down The Beautiful Oasis of Klyde Warren Park
Kylde Warren Park

From tall beautiful skyscrapers to a 5-acre beautiful oasis, what can I say Dallas just has it all. Klyde Warren Park is one of Dallas most popular public parks known for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy various activities like yoga, events, attractions and more! This beautiful green space located right in the middle of the Dallas Arts District and Dallas Downtown Business Center creates a great space for families, friends and loved ones to gather in such a unique park. This incredible park is what we would consider Dallas’ beloved town square.

  1. Experience Dallas Nightlife At AT&T Discovery
AT&T Discovery District

Dallas in general is beautiful but Dallas at night is one of a kind! Dallas AT&T Discovery is an incredible area for locals and visitors to experience the destination known for its tech, culture and entertainment. The AT&T Discovery is the place where various cool and entertaining events take place that are ultimately open to the public! Similar to Klyde Warren Park, The At&T Discovery implements another great green space filled with lights, incredible displays, restaurants and so much more. This is without a doubt a must do if you’re looking to have a great time all in one spot, allowing you to connect with so many individuals within the local area. 

  1. Pickup Some Fresh Goodies at Dallas Farmer’s Market
Dallas Farmers Market

Of course we saved the best for last because who doesn’t love some good ole fresh produce! This Dallas Farmers Market has grown into a year around attraction, where local vendors can sell farm-fresh produce and goods. This market of course is certainly loved by the Dallas community and something you have the opportunity to love as you pick up some delicious and fresh produce.  

If That Still Isn’t Enough Fun Things To Do In Dallas, Well You’re In For A Treat Because We Added A Bonus!

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Dallas In-City Wheels

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