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Dallas Squid Game Adventure

Adventure Highlights
Duration - 2.5 hrs
DFW’s own visitors and residential cash-strapped players accept a strange and exhilarating challenge to ride along an adventure in the city of Dallas to compete in children’s games. Games that are fun, yet come at a dangerous cost for players who do not succeed in all 4 rounds. A tempting prize awaits for the brave and skillful individual who accomplishes the dangerous stakes of the game. A max of 12 individuals per tour, all who all have experienced an amusement struggle in their time experiencing Dallas, are invited to participate in a mysterious survival competition to risk their lives for an unforgettable experience and exclusive prize!


Yes you can but the booking will not process until someone else books the same time slot
We will be doing activities so we suggest active clothing & tennis shoes (also dress for the weather it’s getting a little chilly)
16+ with a drivers license but all minors must book with an adult.
We suggest you’re moderately fit, there will be some light jogging/running, tugging/pulling.
Unfortunately no, everyone participating must know how to ride a bike. 
We have 12 spots for each squid game Adventure.
Each tour will require at least 2 participants, In an event where the minimum participants isn’t achieved before the allotted time, the tour will be forfeited.
Yes to get the effect. Don’t worry we are using water gel pellets 
Riders must be a minimum of 5 feet 2 inches and passengers must be a minimum of 4 feet.
Yes, all riders are required to have a valid drivers license. However passengers who are not driving are not required to.  ‍